Zeitgeist Equestrian

Ten years ago Phoebe Lang and Sanjay Bagai chose to focus their energy and resources on their lifelong passion: show jumping. Husband and wife as well as successful entrepreneurs; Sanjay and Phoebe embarked on a systematic international study of the sport of show jumping. Starting in Germany, both spent two years participating in internships and programs, such as the breeding program established by the Hanoverian Verband. They studied every aspect of the development of a young horse including judging stallion and mare licensing. They spent time at the state stud in Celle, Germany, and worked with various stallion stations, studying top breeding programs like Paul Schockemohle's at Lebitz, Germany. They also studied the top sport horse dealing operations in the world.

Phoebe and Sanjay set out to improve their own riding abilities and horsemanship. They trained for a total of 8 years with the world's best riders and trainers: Herbert Meyer, Karsten Huck, Eddie Macken, Bernie Traurig and Bjorn Ikast.

Finally, after successfully moving into the grand prix ring, Phoebe and Sanjay developed a world-class equestrian facility located in Petaluma California. Inspired by design elements gathered over the last 10 years from all over the world, they built this facility with thewell-beingof the horses as the top priority.

Phoebe and Sanjay attend 18 shows annually with 8-10 horses in the US, Canada and Europe. With an intense year around training process for both horses and riders, their shared childhood dream is now a reality. It is their deepest passion aside from their children. In mid-2011, Phoebe and Sanjay decided to formally establish a quality high performance sale barn and young horse training program.